Contempo™ Carpets ‘Wool Print’ at Harrogate Floorshow 2017 ~ Stand C9

Bauhaus, or ‘House of Building’


Bauhaus Squares
The natural shape of ‘home’ and the most common shape in architecture. Square designs are most featured to bring eclectic styles together in a form of elegance and simplicity.

Bauhaus Plaids
A design to suggest action and movement. Plaid designs create visual interest that add resonance, completeness and drama to interior furnishing concepts.

Bauhaus Circles
Circle represent equilibrium and balance in design and colour, bringing a fresh, interesting and harmonious perspective to any interior design.

‘Bauhaus beautifully co-ordinates with our Nexus™ plain and Nexus™ Mouline ranges to create complete harmony and balance in your interior design concepts’

Bauhaus ‘Wool Print’